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Connect With Your Child

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While parents try to provide their children with the best, it is also important to establish a close parent–child relationship. It is an established fact that children who share a close bond with their parents do well in every sphere of life, compared with those who aren’t.

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Listen To Your Child

When a person feels respected and appreciated, they are much more likely to respond in turn with respect and appreciation. And in this way, children are no different to adults...

Play Together

For younger kids, play is the primary way for them to express their feelings, communicate and solve emotional problems. It is a window for parents to...

Spend One-On-One Time

Spending time with your children individually is so very important, and when done regularly will reap many benefits for them, you, and your relationship together...

Laugh Together

Laughing is not only fun, it’s bonding. Comedian/musician, Victor Borge gave us a piece of genuine wisdom when he said, “Laughter is the shortest distance between two people.”

Read Aloud

Reading aloud to your kid is not only the single most important boost you can give to get him ready to read and write, it's also a magical way to strengthen the intrinsic bond the two of you share...

Bedtime Routine

Bedtime is a wonderful bonding opportunity with your child. Make your routine predictable, so your child understands nighttime expectations and can take initiative with the routine...

Use Empathy

Instead of seeing empathy as a means to a compliant, non-tantruming child, let’s look at empathy as joining in the experience with your child or connecting on an emotional level...

Create Family Traditions

Family traditions are not only fun but at their core, they should be based around a value you want to promote within the family, whether it’s connecting with each other...

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