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Comprehensive Sexuality Education


Sex is normal and sexuality is God-given. Your pre-teen needs to know this because sex is a central aspect of human life.

Adolescence is complicated enough without the mandatory, but useless, sex education classes. Sex education needs to be sensitive to a multitude of issues regarding sexuality. Incomplete, impractical and prejudiced teaching creates fear and anxiety. It seems silly that schools have no open conversations about sex despite the extreme exposure that media gives it. Your child’s right decisions with regard to sex rest on correct information, right attitudes and developed skills.

According to Youth Ki Awaaz, “People, and not just children, need to understand that sexuality has nothing to do with a person’s honour.” The state of sexuality education in India varies between private and mainstream schools. Teachers too need to learn about sexuality education. Separate sex ed books are available for teachers and students. Yet, there are a lot more issues that need serious attention.

What can the internet teach your child about sex? How can adolescent romance be discussed in classroom? What do some college students have to say about sex ed? What does your child know about menstruation, sexual orientation, sexual pleasure and sexual identity? Are his thoughts on the LGBT community healthy? What does the law have to say about issues like the minimal age for consensual sex, marital rape, protection of children from sexual offences, etc.? What is the role of the community in protecting a child from sexual violence?

This ClipBook will help you to be an informed parent and make suggestions to your child’s school regarding this very important matter.

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The Editorial: Comprehensive Sexuality Education

By and large, we humans are sexual beings throughout our lives. This means that learning about sexuality is a lifelong process – we can never be too old to learn more.

Of Giggles, Whispers, And Embarrassed Teachers: The 'Sex-Ed' Classes That Taught Us Nothing

I remember an incident from my 5th grade, when a boy from the class had giggled and asked a classmate, “Do you know what sex is?”, and everybody who heard him knew he was in trouble. He was taken to the principal of the school.

‘Sex-Ed’: The Most ‘Fun’ Thing In School That Didn’T Really Happen

“Ma’am, do we have to make the diagram on page 144?” asked a boy as the other tried controlling their laughter. It was the usual diagram of female reproductive organs. It didn’t look anything like a vagina and yet everyone thought they were lookin...

Why Is Menstruation A Woman's 'Worst Kept Secret'?

Menstruation was a very confusing experience for me when I was growing up. The reason I term it ‘confusing’ is because just after my menarche, my mother had an open discussion with me about it. However, the overall atmosphere in my family was that...

From Knowing To Doing

Studying the human reproductive system in a biology class is not Comprehensive Sexuality Education or CSE; it doesn’t even come anywhere near it. Yet, it was the only opportunity for a potentially positive discussion (even so specific to biology) ...

Watch What These Young People Have To Say About Sex-Ed And More

A volunteer with TARSHI walked around Delhi University asking students what their thoughts were on ‘sex-ed’. They spoke about where they learnt about sexuality from, and some common myths and misconceptions around sex and sexuality.

Laws, Consent And Implications For Cse

Providing Comprehensive Sexuality Education (CSE) remains one of the most contested and complex issues within the sexual and reproductive health and rights (SRHR) discourse.

Learning To Pause And Reflect At Crea’S Sexuality, Gender And Rights Institute

Sexuality education is expected to cover an array of topics—ranging from sexual identity, sexual orientation, gender identity, sexual pleasure and concerns around consent and its complexity. The SGRI covered all of this and, if possible, even more.

It Takes A Community To Protect A Child

These posters address children and adults and create a community that recognises a child’s rights to discover and explore his or her sexuality without the fear of violence.

Are 'Sexpert' Columns The Only Options Left For Our Deepest, Most Intimate Doubts?

As soon as I hit my 20s, the adolescence that I had barely emerged from became the very center of amusing conversations. These throwback conversations were largely centered on how each of us stumbled upon sex and its knowhow. The naive discoveries...

Interview: Radhika Chandiramani

During the interview, Radhika points out that although there are some individual efforts by some private schools and organisations, however, there is a lack of a uniform curriculum or framework for Sexuality Education for students across the country.

Desire And Sexuality Education

Sexuality Education is not only about Sexual and Reproductive Health, but ideally also aims to address the question of adolescent relationships and romance.

Review: Tarshi’S Orange Book

Teachers often find it difficult to become sexuality educators with little preparation or scope to explore their own doubts and feelings about gender, sex, sexuality. The Orange Book is a workbook for teachers with 28 exercises aimed at helping th...

Publications: Sexuality Education

The new and updated Blue Book is for those who are 15 years of age or older. It is a must-have book for any teenager setting out on the exciting, challenging and sometimes confusing journey towards adulthood.

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