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Complete Guide On Starting Solids

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As a nursing mother, are you excited about transitioning your infant to solid foods, but equally worried about how to start and which foods to start with? You may be bombarded with suggestions from friends, family members and colleagues on how and when to stop breastfeeding and start giving solids to your little ones. With all those suggestions, do you find yourself confused? Well, our content partner, My Little Moppet, is here to guide you through the entire process of weaning or complementary feeding.

As per both Indian Academy of Pediatrics (IAP) and American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), infants can be introduced to complementary foods once they are 6 months old. In fact, a recent study by the AAP has found that introduction of solid foods before the age of 4 months increases the risk of obesity. However, introducing all the food varieties between the 17th and 27th week of life decreases the risk of acquiring chronic diseases such as allergies and coeliac disease.

But it is also important for you to remember that babies may not be able to digest a variety of foods. So, don’t be overenthusiastic but ensure that you introduce food varieties slowly.

To know more about the essentials of weaning and the different food charts you can follow for your little ones as per their age, flip through the pages of this ClipBook.

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When To Start Solids For Baby?

Weaning or complementary feeding, means the gradual introduction of solid foods for the infant while continuing breast feeding. The most common query is "When to start weaning?"

Top 7 Baby Feeding Essentials For Starting Solids

Starting solids for babies can be exciting and scary at the same time. As a new parent there are so many choices in the market to select the best feeding products for your baby.To avoid your confusion, we have selected the best feeding products fo...

How To Introduce Solids To Baby?

Are you excited that your paediatrician has given the green signal to start solids for your baby, but are clueless as how to introduce the same? Here are a few tips.

6 Months Food Chart For Indian Babies

Hello Mommies, when your baby crosses the 6th month, she is completely ready for starting solids. Please follow this 3 Day Rule to start solids.

7 Months Baby Food Chart

By the time your baby completes the 7th month, she would have already sampled most of the foods. This is the time where you should introduce lot of variety in her diet, as she will become easily bored with the food and play becomes more evident.

Baby Led Weaning – Getting Started

If you are going to practice BLW for your baby, then you can ditch the food processor, skip the purees and junk the jarred foods. In Baby led weaning, we allow the baby to lead us through the feeding roller coaster.

How To Introduce Finger Food For Babies & 8 Month Baby Food Chart

As your little one breezes through the 8th month, you will be presented with fresh challenges!! Your little one will start crawling, will want to explore new things, lose interest in food, wouldn't want to be spoon fed, and lots more !!!

Meal Plan For 9-Month-Old Babies

Are you at your wits end as how to make your baby eat??? This is the period when both the mom and baby become bored with meal times due to the never ending fuss for eating, teething problems and so on.

10 Months Baby Food Chart

As the baby grows so does the disinterest in food. I have heard many moms complaining that the baby’s appetite has grossly gone down and is not eating as properly as the previous months. So what can be done to make the babies eat?

11 Months Baby Food Chart And Meal Plan

Your 11-month-old baby would have fairly had the taste of almost all the foods and show interest in exploring new tastes and textures. This 11 months baby food chart is customized in such way that it would be a treat to the versatile palate of you...

1 Year Baby Food Chart

Is your baby 1 year old? then this food chart will be perfect. By now you would have introduced almost everything to your little one, and will be more confident of your toddler’s feeding needs, likes and dislikes.

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