Communication With Your Teen

How To Communicate With And Listen To Your Teen

Parents need to understand that it is “less important what you say, and more important that you listen.”

A Parent’S Guide To Dealing With A Teen - The Times Of India

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How To Communicate With Your Teen Daughter, Explained

Many parents these days seem afraid of their own children. Teenage girls particularly can be intimidating, and there's many a parent who hides in that haven of non-confrontation, the bedroom, safe in the knowledge that at least their daughter is o...

9 Tips For Communicating With Your Teenage Son

Have you ever sat down to have a conversation with your teenage son, and after minutes of slouching body posture, endless fidgeting, blank stares, and grunting responses, found yourself frustrated, enraged and eventually screaming? Teens are notor...

33 Tips For Communicating With Your Teen

Listen instead of lecturing. Try not to judge. Encourage your teen to develop his or her own solutions. Say something nice. Keep it short. Ask questions. Talk while you are doing something together. Create private times your child can count on.

Secret To Communicating With Teenagers | Empowering Parents

Does this sound familiar? Your teenage son is taking forever in the bathroom (again), but you need him to get ready so you can get to work on time. You’re thinking, “How could I have raised such an inconsiderate kid? He’s so disrespectful!” Meanwh...

Communicating With Your Teen - The Times Of India

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Communication And Your 13- To 18-Year-Old

During this period, teens spend much of the day outside the home — at school or at after-school activities or jobs and with their friends. But it's important to try to talk with your teen every day to share opinions, ideas, and information. Here a...

Dealing With Teen Drama? Reflect Back What You Hear

Teens are prone to mood swings and sometimes, seeming small issues can cause them to react in an overly dramatic manner. Reflective listening is an excellent way to respond. It shows you're listening without necessarily showing our opinion. Reflec...

Strategies For Developing A Positive Pattern Of Communication With Teens

We all develop certain patterns of communication. We establish both verbal and non-verbal habits in the way we communicate with others. If the communication patterns you’ve been using with your teen don’t seem to be effective, establish new patter...

How To Get Your Child To Open Up And Talk To You?

How can you get your kids to open up and talk with you? Most kids talk nonstop when they’re in preschool. In elementary school, many of them begin to clam up with their parents. But there are strategies to get your kids to talk with you, and the m...

Communication With Teenagers

Communicating with your teen can be very challenging at times. Teens are developing independence and have their own opinions and ideas.

3 Tips For Talking With Your Teenage Daughter

Communication, whether with a teenager or an employee, isn't always about asking questions. In fact, asking the wrong questions and getting no where can have...

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Communication With Your Teen

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