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Common Teenage Health Myths Debunked


Is your teenager risking her health by following false and misleading health information?

Teenage is a time when many changes take place in the body. To cope with these changes without being overwhelmed, both teenagers and their parents need to be aware of some health facts and wellness practices. In the absence of right information, both you and your teenager may believe some health myths circulating in the media.

For instance, you may think that your teen might not require vaccines. But this is not true. Nowadays, meningococcal and other vaccines are available for teenagers. These vaccines can protect your child from many infections. Some teens are led into believing that pimple popping are a quick and easy fix for getting rid of pimples. According to kidshealth.org, “By squeezing pimples and zits, you can actually push bacteria, dead skin cells, and oil further into the skin, causing more swelling and redness — and sometimes causing a red or brown mark or scar to form.” Teenagers can also nurture false notions about weight loss and body images. They can be tempted to try extreme ways of losing weight or achieving ideal bodies. Both extreme exercising and inadequate eating can cause problems in children. Teenagers can also become addicted to processed foods and think that the harmful effects of poor eating can be overcome by excessive exercising. Leanteenprogram.com says, “When it comes to losing weight, nutrition makes up 80% of the equation. The fact is you cannot out-exercise bad eating habits!”

With the right health information at your disposal, you can help your teenager through her physical and psychological development.

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