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Common Reasons For Conflicts Between Teens And Parents

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While a parent-child relationship is one of love and affection, things change once the child steps into teenage. 

It is the time when a child begins creating his own identity and experiment with almost everything to understand how things work in the world. The child isn't willing to listen to the warnings of his parents or seek their advice.

There tend to be huge communication gaps and differences in thought processes, with parents being unable to understand their teen and vice versa. As a result, conflicts often arise between the teen and his parents. 

However, not all is lost in the uncertain years of teenage. There are ways to deal with these conflicts.

Read through this ClipBook to learn about the most common reasons for conflicts between teens and their parents. There’s also a handy guide on how to resolve common parent-teen conflicts.



If your child seems to be having trouble with grades and school, it’s best to talk to her once before taking any steps. You can then collaborate with your teen on how to best work on improving her academic performance.


Many teenagers stray from the religion of their parents. They may or may not return, as this tends to be a part of their process of creating their own identity. Conversely, non-religious parents may find their children turning towards religion. Te...


Though it’s normal if your teen wants to date, it’s likely that he doesn’t have a good idea of what relationships are actually like. It’s best to talk to your teen about this and guide him as much as possible on the topic. It’s important to be ope...

Drinking Alcohol

Though you might be tempted to be the cool parent and allow your teen to drink alcohol, research suggests it’s best to not allow it. So, if you find that your teen has begun to consume alcohol, talk to him about its bad effects to convince him to ...


As teens are discovering their identity and connecting with more and more people, they want freedom of movement. Imposing a curfew isn't something that they are willing to accept. However, as a parent, it is up to you to convince them the need for...

Using Technology

Technology is a major reason for conflict. This is because most parents aren't as technology savvy as their teen and they aren't able to understand why their child needs to be immersed in his screen device all day, ignoring everything else...


Most teens lie at some point in their life, whether it’s for innocuous things like eating an extra cookie or something as sinister as drug addiction. However, parents need to understand why their child is indulging in lying and how to help their t...

Managing Teen Conflict Constructively

Teenage is time when children often get into conflict with their parents. It can be hard to navigate all this well. Read this guide to understand some ways of handling parent--teen conflicts...

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