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Common Medical Conditions In Newborns


If you are a first-time parent, your infant’s every discomfort could give you the shivers. Not to worry! There are guides to help you understand when your baby is okay and when she needs medical attention.

In her first few years your little munchkin could experience some common ailments. This might be overwhelming, but it is perfectly normal. Yet, you need to know when it requires you to call the doctor and when you can handle it at home.

“One reason parents tend to worry when the mercury climbs is that they confuse garden-variety viral fevers with the more serious bacterial fevers.” Fevers can be nature’s way of boosting your baby’s immunity. So, there is no reason to panic over every rise in her temperature. However, it helps for you to know when your baby’s fever warrants a visit to the hospital.

Any parent would know that vomiting is very common in young children. It is a part of the development of infants’ digestive systems. However, you need to know when it is not normal. Also, you need to understand the causes and differences between vomit and reflux, and abdominal distension and bloating of the stomach.

Your baby may, at times, cry incessantly for various reasons. You need to know how to determine the cause and the ways to provide comfort and relief to her.

This ClipBook is designed to answer all your questions regarding the common medical conditions in newborn children and the ways to deal with them, so that you can ensure their health and wellness.

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Fever In Babies

High temperatures have been known to cause such fear among parents that it has its own catch-phrase among medical professionals: "fever phobia." Have a touch of fever phobia yourself? Arm yourself with the facts, and you'll rest much easier.

Sneezing In Newborns

When you're a new parent, it can feel completely overwhelming to try to figure out when your baby is acting like a normal baby, and when something is wrong. Every last sniffle, sound, and sneeze can make you stop and wonder if something is wrong w...

Infant Constipation

The normal amount of bowel movements in an infant varies depending on his or her age and what he or she is eating. Your baby might have infant constipation if he or she has hard or pellet-like bowel movements.

When Your Newborn Has A Cold

Any type of illness in the first two months is frightening, even if it is the common cold. Keep in mind that infant care is much different than it is at any other time in your baby’s life.

Infant Vomiting

Because many common childhood illnesses can cause vomiting, you should expect your child to have this problem several times during these early years. Usually it ends quickly without treatment, but this doesn’t make it any easier for you to watch.

Reflux In Babies

Babies often bring up milk during or shortly after feeding this is known as 'possetting', or 'reflux'. This is different to vomiting, where the baby's muscles forcefully contract (vomiting in babies is covered separately). Reflux is just your baby...

Abdominal Distention In Infants

Abdominal distention in infants can result from normal causes and from various health conditions. One cause of abdominal distention that occurs quite frequently in infants and does not indicate a health problem is swallowing excess air.

Crying Inconsolably

If your child is crying inconsolably it can be very troublesome for parents and children, especially in the middle of the night. Here are some tips to help you determine the cause of your baby’s inconsolable crying and what you can do to provide t...

How Will You Know When To Call The Doctor?

Your knowledge of your baby's usual patterns of feeding, sleeping, fussing, and responding will help you to know when your baby needs a doctor. However, if you are ever unsure whether your baby is well or not, there are certain signs to look out for.

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