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Common Child Injuries You Can Prevent

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Injuries and children go hand in hand. During their growing up years, children fall victim to various injuries - cuts, bites, bumps, falls, head injuries, arms and legs injuries, etc.

Parents may not be able to be with children all the time to prevent these injuries but they can most certainly adopt certain measures to prevent the common ones.

Go through this ClipBook that looks at these injuries and ways to prevent them in detail.



Newborns and young infants can't easily raise their heads, so they need special protection from suffocation. But small children are at risk, too. Sadly, infant suffocation remains a nursery nightmare. Parents should remember their ABCs: have infan...

Car Accidents

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), one of the leading causes of death for children is car accidents. A great number of these incidents can be prevented, however, according to the CDC. The proper use of car seats for...


​Drowning is a leading cause of death among children, including infants and toddlers. Most infant drownings occur in bathtubs and buckets. Toddlers between one and four years most commonly drown in swimming pools. However, many children in this ag...


Certain substances can be toxic if a child swallows, inhales, or absorbs them through the skin. It is important to take steps to prevent poisoning, which can cause very serious effects in children. Because their bodies are smaller and less develop...


Most of us know that we should have working smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors, but sometimes we forget to test them or change the batteries. Set reminders on your phone right now to check your alarm and batteries, and then check them agai...

Sports Injuries

Participation in any sport, whether it's recreational bike riding or Pee-Wee football, can teach kids to stretch their limits and learn sportsmanship and discipline. But any sport also carries the potential for injury.

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