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Common Causes Of Fatigue In Children


Does your child often appear weary? If yes, then sometimes you may wonder if this could be a sign of your child suffering from some illness; but a lot of times, it can simply be fatigue. Yawning and a feeling of wanting to slow down are the most common signs of fatigue. Let’s look at some of the common causes of fatigue among children.

A serious illness, especially a painful one, can cause children to feel fatigued. According to Livestrong, there are several causes for fatigue in children. Some of them are depression, cardiac or kidney disease, anaemia, unhealthy eating habits, viral infection and certain types of immune disorders. A sedentary lifestyle can also be a major reason. Nowadays, children spend a lot of time indoors, engaged in sedentary activities like playing computer games. Such lack of physical activity can predispose children to obesity. And obese children are twice as likely to complain of fatigue, compared to physically fit and active children.

If your child is getting proper sleep at night but still feels fatigued during the day, a visit to the doctor becomes necessary. Extreme fatigue in children could indicate an underlying medical condition. Remember, signs or complaints of fatigue should not be taken lightly.

Parents should try to find out and treat the causes of fatigue in their children so that they can become fit and active again. You can know more about fatigue by clicking on this ClipBook.


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Fatigue is a symptom of an underlying disease and is described in many ways from feeling weak to being constantly tired or lacking energy. There may be other associated symptoms depending upon the underlying cause.

Causes Of Fatigue In Children

Children are known for their abundant energy levels. So, when a child complains of excessive tiredness all the time, it should be a cause of immediate concern for the parents.

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Extreme Fatigue In Children

Generally, a nap and some rest will help to cure fatigue. If your child has an overwhelming need to sleep even after adequate rest, it could become problematic. Extreme fatigue in a child could indicate an underlying medical condition.

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