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Classics Of Hans Christian Andersen

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Did you know that International Children’s Book Day, celebrated every year on 2nd April, is also the day when one of the most beloved writers of children’s book – Hans Christian Andersen was born?

Synonymous with timeless children’s classics such as The Little Mermaid and The Ugly Duckling, it would not be wrong to say that no collection of fairy tales would be complete without the works of this Danish writer.

Many of Anderson’s classics have been made into movies and, like the books, met with resounding success. The Little Mermaid remains the most successful adaptation of an Anderson tale, although this Disney animated classic from 1989 deviates slightly from the original plot. The Hans Christian Anderson museum was opened in 1908 at Odense in Denmark where visitors can leaf through his books via PC and hear his tales at the many listening posts.

The Independent mentions how fellow writers had the utmost of respect for Anderson with Charles Dickens having been one of his ardent admirers. Thackeray called him "that delightful delicate fanciful creature". It is widely suggested that Oscar Wilde’s tales of social outcasts owe much to him.

To honour the greatness of the man, the Hans Christian Anderson award was instituted to be given to one whose work has contributed greatly to children’s literature.

To know more about the other works of Hans Christian Anderson like The Emperor’s New Clothes and Thumbelina, please flip through the pages of this ClipBook.


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