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Classical Dances Of India: Odissi


Odissi is a soft, lyrical classical dance, which originated in Orissa and depicts the ambience of the state. Recognised as one of the eight classical dances in India, Odissi is regarded to be the oldest surviving dance forms. Though it is found to be similar to Bharathanatyam in terms of mudras and expressions, it has its own distinct grace, verve and beauty. Odissi is also majorly religious, as it is based on the popular devotion to the Hindu deity, Lord Krishna, and is used as a form of worship in Orissa.

It was the community of temple maidens, known as Devadasis, who popularised this art form. Devadasis used to practice this dance form and used to perform it before the lord as a form of prayer or ritual. They gave it a new spirit, new purpose and new composition. Later, Odissi dance form was enriched by the encouragement of various kings and a sweeping Vaishnava cult. Subsequently, Odissi was further refined and became a higher form of dance. Odissi got recognition has a classical dance form in the year 1958.

Such a dance form is abound with richness and popularity. An article in ImportantIndia says, “Odissi dance has a rich and varied repertoire.. Several dance dramas using basically the Odissi dance technique have been choreographed. Odissi as a dance form has earned world popularity.”

Flip through this ClipBook, and you can learn much more about the legacy of this dance form – as well as its style, postures, costumes and mudras.


History Of Odissi Dance

The history of Odissi Dance is very rich. Odissi Dance Form has contributed a distinct school of classical dance to the rich mosaic of Indian culture, which has been internationally acclaimed.

Odissi Dance Style

The Odissi dance of Odisha (Orissa) is one of the six acknowledged classical dance forms of India. Like all other Indian classical dances, it also has its initiation in religion and philosophy with an origin in the temples of Odisha (Orissa).

Odissi Dance Recognised As One Of The Classical Dance Form

For a detailed study of the Odissi dance form, the origin, style, postures, costumes and other aspects, give this pdf a look.

Odissi Music

Odissi Music is a classical form consisting of all the necessary ingredients common to Hindustani and Karnatic Music, such as rags and tala Jayadeva' was the first Oriya poet who composed lyrics meant to be sung and thus the words of those Lyrics ...

Odissi Hasta Mudra

In order to know the various hand gestures of Odissi classical dance, give this blog a watch.

Odissi Costume And Makeup

Odissi dance is complemented by intricate filigree silver jewelry pieces. Filigree, in French, means “thin wire,” and in Oriya it is called Tarkasi. This highly skilled art form is more than 500 years old and is traditionally done by local artisan...

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