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Christmas Party Themes

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It's that time of the year! Houses are decked up with streamers and beautiful stars. At the centre is the resplendent Christmas tree, adorned with lovely decorations. And in most homes and offices, Christmas parties are a norm. Children love the cheer of the season and await the celebration with much anticipation. So what are you planning this year with your family and friends? Is it the same 'red and white' theme or the secret Santa special? This year, try something different. 

In this exclusive ClipBook, our exciting ideas for unique Christmas party themes will get you and your little ones all geared up! 


How About You Throw A Themed Holiday Party This Year

Do you want to throw a holiday shindig, but you are short of ideas? Don't worry. Here are some amazing ideas from our favourite bloggers. Get ready to be inspired to create your own magic.

This Is The Season To Celebrate

Ugly Christmas sweater parties and Secret Santa gift exchanges are popular holiday party themes for a reason. But this year, consider kicking your holiday festivities up a notch with these fresh ideas for easy-to-plan holiday celebrations.

Unique Company Holiday Party Themes

If you are looking for unique corporate holiday party themes, here are nine very different ideas that will get your group into the holiday spirit.

Kid Christmas Party Themes And Ideas

Planning a children's Christmas party can be stressful, here are some tips and ideas to make your Christmas party really easy to prepare.

Christmas Theme For Preschool

This is a holiday theme that offers activities for your preschool classroom as you explore family traditions together! Your preschoolers will learn about each other's family traditions which bring about so many opportunities for cooking, art, deco...

Best Christmas Themes For Your Most Festive Party Yet

Start off this holiday season right with a guest-worthy menu and no-fuss decorations. And don't forget to keep the party going with a steady supply of Christmas cocktails.

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