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Choosing The Right Paediatrician


Choosing a doctor for your little one is a task that requires a lot of thought and some amount of research. In fact, finding a good paediatrician is the top priority for most expecting and new parents as well.

So, how does one go about choosing the right paediatrician? says making sure that you have chosen the right doctor for your child is important. To start with, parents can ask for recommendations from their set of friends and then list down the tangibles and the less tangibles. It is important that your philosophy and way of doing things are compatible with your paediatricians.

Other important things to consider are: whether you prefer a male or a female doctor, the age – your doctor should be well qualified and experienced, the distance to the clinic because you will be making frequent visits, the charge of the doctor, the hospital where the doctor attends, who covers for the doctor in case the doctor calls in sick and others.

According to an article titled 7 signs of a good doctor by Connie Matthiessen published in in 2016, how does one recognise a good doctor? Some of the signs of a qualified doctor include:

• A caring and empathetic attitude.

• An open and responsive manner.

• Knowledge and the ability to share it.

• A good reputation.

• Easy to reach at all times.

Remember, a good paediatrician must be able to put both the child and the parent at ease. To know more about choosing the right paediatrician, please flip through the pages of this ClipBook.


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A good paediatrician must be able to put both the child and the parent at ease while setting his young patient on the road to good health.

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