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Choosing The Right Backpack For Kids

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One of the most essential accessories of a school-going child is a backpack. While buying one, many of us just buy any backpack that looks nice. However, there are things to keep in mind when choosing a backpack for your kids. Otherwise, your child can suffer from back or neck pain due to the weight of his bag. And, he cannot travel to school in comfort.

In an article titled Kids' Backpacks 101 published in WebMD, Lori Karol, MD, a spokesperson for the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons (AAOS), says, "A lot of parents come in to my office thinking that their child might have scoliosis because of a heavy backpack. However, in reality, explains Karol, scoliosis is not a danger. But kids' backpacks can cause back, shoulder, and neck pain when they're too heavy and worn for the better part of eight hours a day.”

According to the same WebMD article, you can consider a few things before choosing a backpack for your child:

  • Always choose a backpack with two straps and not one; it ensures even distribution of weight and helps avoid shoulder and neck pain.
  • Ensure that the straps are thick. Thicker, the better.
  • Look for backpacks with wheels, as children can then just pull the backpack most of the time.

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