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Choosing Safe Toys For Baby



Toy Safety Guidelines

Toys are the treasures of every baby's childhood. But if you're not careful, toys can be hazardous, too. To keep your child safe, follow these guidelines when choosing toys.

Things To Consider When You Buy Toys For Your Baby

Going down the toy aisle of any store can cause a panic attack—there are so many cute things, fuzzy things, colourful things! Worst of all, every toy insists that it’s the best for your kid. What to believe; what should you pick? Here are seven th...

Things You Should Know About Stuffed Toys

Your baby's plush bear, rabbit, and kangaroo sure are cute and cuddly. But are they safe? Here's a quick checklist of what to look for when shopping for stuffed toys.

Baby Toy Buying Guide

Your newborn finds endless joy in just gazing at you (and vice versa), but soon he’ll start to show interest in toys. But when it comes to plaything for babies, there’s more than meets the eye. What might seem too cute could actually be too danger...

How To Choose Safe And Non-Toxic Baby Toys

Toy safety has been always been a topic of discussion, especially with plastic toys imported from places like China. Some toys contain toxic ingredients such as lead, cadmium, chlorine, arsenic, bromine, mercury, chromium, tin and antimony. Childr...

12 Tips For Choosing Safe Toys

Here are 12 ways you can reclaim the fun and reduce worry when it comes to playtime. Make your toy box healthier for your child and the planet.

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