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Cholesterol: All You Need To Know


Do you like eating fried food? Are oily snacks your comfort food? Better put a limit on the intake for you might just witness a rise in your levels of cholesterol.

Cholesterol is the leading cause of many deaths across the world. Cholesterol, especially high cholesterol, can lead to many serious health problems such as a heart attack.

How is cholesterol produced in the body and how is it utilised? Know all these and more by going through this ClipBook.


All About Cholesterol

It’s often made out to be the bad guy in today’s medical world. But cholesterol is an important molecule in the body. With the right diet and exercise program, you can put the power of cholesterol to work for you. Know more by going through the ar...

What You Need To Know About Your Cholesterol Levels

Keeping your cholesterol levels in a healthy range can reduce your risk for heart disease. Knowing your cholesterol numbers is an important part of taking care of your heart. Here, we break down what your cholesterol numbers mean and what healthy ...

5 Things You Should Know About Cholesterol

Cholesterol seems to be one of those words that are in everyone’s vocabulary and how it affects their health. If you’re feeling a little perplexed by all this cholesterol talk, this article provides a simple breakdown of what you really need to know.

Cholesterol Production In The Body

Excess cholesterol in the bloodstream is a key contributor to artery-clogging plaque, which can accumulate and set the stage for a heart attack. Although we measure cholesterol production in the blood, it's found in every cell in the body. This ar...

What Causes The Liver To Make Too Much Cholesterol?

Cholesterol is such an important molecule, the human liver synthesizes cholesterol and distributes it throughout the body via the bloodstream. But genetics and dietary factors can disrupt the normal mechanisms that control cholesterol production a...

What Is The Function Of Cholesterol In The Body?

Most people think of cholesterol in a negative way. However, cholesterol actually plays a very important role in the functioning of the body. According to The Mayo Clinic, cholesterol is found in every cell in our body and without it our bodies wo...

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