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Child’s Eye Care: All You Need To Know


“The eye is the jewel of the body,” says Henry David Thoreau, he was an American essayist, poet, philosopher, and historian.

When it comes to your child's eyes, you have to take all the necessary precaution to keep them safe. Always pay attention when your child complains about her vision. You should look for signs which indicate if there are any issues with your child’s vision. Also, keep in mind that your child should have various vitamins and minerals for better eye health. Vitamin A, Vitamin C and Vitamin B3 are good for you and your child’s vision. Do you know what are the food groups which are rich in these Vitamins?

Flip through the pages of the below ClipBook to know details about the foods for impaired vision. You will be surprised to know that even trendy hairstyle could come on the way of a better vision of your child. Read the article where experts are raising their concern for those hairstyles where one eye is completely covered by hair.

Apart from that, read about 10 simple eye exercises your child should do for better vision and why paediatric eye examination is essential for your child. Check out the article on Retinoblastoma —a serious eye diseases which affect small children. Don’t forget to check out the checklist before you go to buy the next pair of glasses for your child. 


How To Take Care Of Your Child's Vision

Your child's eyes are delicate. There are many childhood vision problems to look at. If detected early, many eye diseases can be treated easily. How do you know your child is having issues with his vision? Here are the signs that your child may ha...

Vitamins For Good Eyesight

Do you know that some vitamins are very good for your eyesight? Vitamins like A, Vitamin C and Vitamin B3 are known to improve vision. Read on to know about all the important vitamins for eyesight.

Expert Warns That Trendy Haircuts Bad For Lazy Eyes

Does your school-going child insist on getting trendy haircuts —like the ones shown in the latest advt? But do you know that the stylish haircut could do him harm? Experts warn that those hairstyles which cover one eye could have some long-term he...

10 Simple Child-Friendly Eye Exercises

Are you worried about your child’s weak eyesight? Wondering how to help him improve his eyesight? This article provides suggestions and tips to improve your child's eyesight. Children develop their visual skills as they grow but not every child wi...

Checklist Before Buying Eyewear For Your Child

Is your child nearsighted or farsighted? Does your child need a pair of glasses? With so many options available these days, no doubt it could be confusing for a parent to choose the right pair of glasses for your child. First thing first, your chi...

Don't Overlook Paediatric Eye Exams

Do you know that comprehensive eye exams for your child is a necessity and should be started from an early age? If your child is having difficulty in studies or showing reluctance in going to school, apart from other things, get her eyes checked.

Retinoblastoma: Symptoms And Causes

Even young children could have serious eye problems like Retinoblastoma. It is a retinal eye cancer that mostly affects young children. Retina is the sensitive lining on the inside of your eye. Retinoblastoma may occur in one or both eyes.

Eat These Foods For Healthier Eyes

Do you nudge your child to eat carrots for better eyesight? But do you know that there are many other foods which are equally good for better vision? Foods rich in Vitamin A is good for night blindness and xerophthalmia, a condition in which the e...

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