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Children's Video Games For Holiday Season


Keeping children occupied during the summer holidays is not an easy task. From murmurs of "I am bored" to incessant requests to visit the mall, parents have a lot to contend with, when their children are at home. While summer holidays are a good time to play some outdoor activities, what can the kids do when the sun is too harsh?

Allowing them to play a few video games is not a bad idea. Some video games can be a learning tool and also boost your child's creativity. Check out this ClipBook, for a useful compilation of video games for children.  



Fifa 18

FIFA 18 builds directly on its predecessor, refining many of the ideas introduced last year. This continuity is most apparent in The Journey: Hunter Returns, which picks up our prodigy's story where it left off.

Monster Hunter Stories

As a spin-off of the popular action series, Monster Hunter Stories expands the world with a shiny, new, undeniably cute coat of paint. But don't let that deter you because Monster Hunter Stories' heartwarming story is served with amazingly fun RPG...

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp

Animal Crossing is the game about taking life slow. You meander to the shore to catch fish, you pick oranges and mosey down to the general store to sell the extra crop and once the day’s chores are complete, you spend time listening to an old turt...

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