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Children's Room Decor Ideas


We want to give the best to our child. Be it in the form of food, clothes, education and toys, our child’s smiling face makes it worthwhile. And, it seems, décor has been added to this list. With a little money and tons of creativity, parents can transform their child’s room into something magical.

From choosing the paint of the room, the storage, the structure of the bed, the wall decal – there are endless possibilities for decorating a child’s room. But, with so many décor ideas, parents can get it wrong. says there are certain décor ideas which cannot go wrong when you are thinking about redoing your child’s room:

• Create mini art galleries. Walls adorned with gallery-style wall décor are the rage and the best part is that they are not expensive.

• Accessorize with patterns. An easy way to add flair to any child’s room is with patterned accessories.

• Create the little details by hand.

• Try incorporating different size poms and tissue paper in shades of the same colour for maximum impact in your child’s room.

• Design your own bed.

According to an article titled The Great Toddler Bed Debate by Carrie McBride published in in 2012, some parents like toddler beds because of their one chief feature – toddler beds are small in size. They can fit in smaller rooms, leave more floor space for play and are safe.

To know more about children’s room décor ideas including children’s room storage ideas, please flip through the pages of this ClipBook.


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