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Children's Book Authors

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One who reads, is never alone. Inculcating healthy habits in their child is every parent’s dream. Reading is also one such habit that is known to impart wisdom, knowledge and depth in life. Books are known to be one’s best friend; they never leave one alone, and with a world full of knowledgeable books, there is an even lesser chance of feeling bored or alone. There are several types of books available for children like storybooks, sports, art & craft, fiction, drama, fantasy and what not! Books are also known to widen the creative bandwidth of a child and make him humble, patient and understanding.

Reading also helps in building vocabulary, grammar and other linguistic skills which can push his interest in academics and help him pursue a great career. Early-age reading also helps with the child’s brain development, personality, and social skills by making him intelligent and aware of various cultures, places and values. Developing reading as a bedtime hobby can help him dream and hence fasten his psychological growth as well.

Inculcating a healthy reading habit in your children is not difficult; all you need to do is start by reading a bedtime story to them and then motivate them to start reading on their own.

Some of the books that children can read include those written by popular child book writers like Ruskin bond, R.K.Narayanan, Rudryard Kypling and Enid Blyton. These books include genres like fantasy, poetry, stories and tales of the heart that are endearing and intriguing to children.

According to an article titled 10 great authors in children’s literature, published in, “There’s something about quality children’s literature that sets it apart as a work of art — the creatively crafted illustrations, the brilliant word choice, the magical plots invented by brilliant minds. Good children’s literature should pass the test of adults and kids alike.”

For a comprehensive list of famous children’s books authors, flip through the pages of the ClipBook. 

Children's Book Authors

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There’s something about quality children’s literature that sets it apart as a work of art - the creatively crafted illustrations, the brilliant word choice, the magical plots invented by brilliant minds. Good children’s literature should pass the ...

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