Children Learn Better - When !!!

Let Your Children Learn By Doing. Not... - The Logical Indian | Facebook

Spare few moments to watch this beautiful video! Truly Inspirational! We often place an inordinate emphasis on 'teaching' in education. In today's world where almost all of humanity's knowledge is available at our fingertips, it is time we...

This Video Will Shame All Of Us! - The Logical Indian | Facebook

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Unconditional Love? - The Logical Indian | Facebook

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Story Of 3 Bottles - The Logical Indian | Facebook

Story of 3 bottles: It impacts each one of us in many ways. Please Share.

Be Careful With Your Kids! - The Logical Indian | Facebook

Be careful with your children!! Sometime we just leave kids with started bike or car, and kids being imitative and curious tend to play with it. So please do take care of small measures like turning off the engine.

Can Love Change This World? - The Logical Indian | Facebook

Can love change this world? "If you are lost at sea, looking for humanity in this world, this video could be your guiding star" #Share it to spread love and humanity. Please watch this video seamlessly on youtube : watch?v=...

Would You Help A Blind Person? - The Logical Indian | Facebook

|| Video by NDTV || Would You Help A Blind Person? Small act of kindness can make your day, and of the person you give hand to help. This nice experiment video will touch you and will spread hope among all of us. Humanity ...

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We cannot be hypocrites in front of our children, can we? We cannot continue doing wrong things and expect our kids to do no wrong. Let's teach them all the right things, but before that, let's quit our own bad habits. Quitting is no...

My Dad Is A Liar! - The Logical Indian | Facebook

A child's happiness is a father's responsibility. A father's happiness is a child's greatest reward. Along the way, a father makes sacrifices. He would go the greatest lengths, traverse the roughest paths and overcome the most arduous, all for the...

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Children Learn Better - When !!!

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Children learn better - When we help them to learn on their own.