Children Below 13 Yrs Have Fb Account

Children Even Below The Age Of 13 Have Facebook Accounts In India: Study – Tech2

Growing popularity of social networks has a huge number of children in India creating their accounts on Facebook even before they turn 13, a study by Intel Security claimed today. The social media platform has set 13 as the minimum age for a user ...

How Old Do You Have To Be To Sign Up For Facebook? | Facebook Help Center | Facebook

To be eligible to sign up for Facebook, you must be at least 13 years old.

38% Of Kids On Facebook Are Under The Minimum Age Of 13 | Zdnet

Over 38 percent of children with Facebook accounts are 12-years-old and under. Even more worryingly, 4 percent of children on Facebook are reported to be 6-years-old or younger, which translates to some 800,000 kindergarteners on Facebook. The res...

70% Of Indian Tweens Admit Holding Facebook Accounts

The Giant social networking site, Facebook, has 70% of tween users in India. With the rapid growth of technology, Kids between the ages 8-12 years are adopting internet through multiple devices and varied number of social networking sites. Indian ...

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Children Below 13 Yrs Have Fb Account

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Children even below the age of 13 have Facebook accounts in India: Study