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Children And Swimming: All You Got To Know


During the hot days, cooling off by taking a dip in the swimming pool is one activity that children love. The swimming pool is one place that holds unlimited opportunities for children to have fun, and this activity provides a number of health and fitness benefits.

However, utmost precaution and care should be taken while swimming in the pool. Not only should we be concerned about the presence of germs in the pool but there is also the possibility of untoward accidents.

To begin with, never ever leave your child unattended in the pool. This is the number one rule when your child uses the pool. A swimming class would be an ideal place to start for a child. This will give her the required confidence and later, when she is in the pool, she will know how to navigate the water.

Also, be warned beforehand that frequent swimming can lead to certain medical conditions like swimmer’s ear that is painful but treatable.

Want to know more before you head off to the pool with your child? Read through this ClipBook that has a compilation of articles that provide a number of tips and how-tos on the subject of swimming.


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