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Children And Gadget Addiction


Gadgets have become an inseparable part of our lives today, especially in the lives of our children. They spend a majority of their time on gadgets like smartphones, the TV, and the computer, to the point of being addicted to them. This is affecting their lives to a huge extent. Therefore, as a parent, you must look out for signs of technology addiction in your child.

If you find that your child is turning into a gadget addict, it is time for you to step in and curb her habits.

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Gadgets Are Hurting Your Child

These days, children prefer sitting with their parents phones or their own iPads as opposed to playing outdoors. This reduction in physical activity is responsible for so many issues.

Five Signs Your Child Is Addicted To Gadgets

If a child is displaying signs of severe distress and agitation when separated from technology, then we know there is an unhealthy dependence. What do you do?

10 Reasons You Shouldn’T Hand A Smartphone To Your Children

Shouldn’t you be worried about what negative impact a smartphone could have on your child’s growth? Read this article to know about the negative effects a smartphone may be having on your child.

Ways To Short-Circuit Children's Mobile Addiction

There are several tricks to break children of their electronic habits. From gradual transitions to replacement activities, here are seven ways parents can wean their children off mobile devices.

Tips To Prevent Tech Addiction In Children

When introducing handheld tech devices to children, parents and caregivers must be prepared to provide clear boundaries with regards to the use of technology.

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