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Childhood Games We Once Played

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Kapil Dev smashes four 6’s in a row and India defeats Pakistan by a whopping margin in a stadium called the classroom! Well, those were our childhood days when the pages of the humble textbook would serve as the batter. The meaning of ‘playing a game’ has changed dramatically over the years, thanks to the added invasion of gadgets into our children’s lives. Today, simple ‘game time’ often means ‘playing virtual games online’.

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Unique memories of childhood are associated with the games we once played. Be it indoor or outdoor games or traditional ones or those we made up ourselves; we all have our own little stories about our favorite games. But the new generation seems more interested in the Net ‘connection’ than forming connections with the real world. So, it is our prerogative as parents to make time for games and sports and introduce them to our children.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to rediscover the joy of those exciting games and share that joy with our children? What better way for families to bond than through these timeless classics. Imagine the fun, imagine the memories created, and imagine the stories!

Flip through the pages of this ClipBook to check out different games as we have classified the ‘classics’ into three categories – traditional Indian games, school games and family games. Reconnect with your past as you reconnect with your child today. Shall we get started? 


Family Games We Once Played

Add more oomph to lazy Sunday afternoons and your kid's birthday party with these great yesteryear games you can play as a family. After all, a family that ‘plays’ together sticks together!

School Games We Once Played

Wasn’t school more fun when the sound of the bell had us dashing outdoors to pick the best sides for kho-kho? Relive the good old days with these popular games and draw in your kids for a roller-coaster evening.

Traditional Indian Games We Once Played

Hop, skip and jump back to the 90s with these traditional Indian games which lit up your childhood. As you get nostalgic of the world you grew up in, don’t let your kids miss out on your favourite past-times!

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