Child Labour In India

What Is Child Labour?

Not all work done by children should be classified as child labour that is to be targeted for elimination. Children’s or adolescents’ participation in work that does not affect their health and personal development or interfere with their schoolin...

Child Labour In India - Issues And Concerns

India is sadly the home to the largest number of child labourers in the world. The census found an increase in the number of child labourers from 11.28 million in 1991 to 12.59 million in 2001. M.V. Foundation in Andhra Pradesh found nearly 400,00...

Where Do They Work ?

Although India has never sent as many kids to school as today, the official goal of achieving universal primary education is far from completed. While factories, sweatshops and their luxury working conditions often get more media coverage, the bul...

Causes Of Child Labour In India

In countries like India, child labor has always been a huge issue. Despite formulating different laws protecting the basic rights of children, situation is far from impressive.The root cause of child labor in India is poverty.

Child Labour Act: Govt Allows Children Below 14 To Work In Non-Hazardous Family Enterprises

New Delhi, May 13, 2015: Government on Wednesday gave its nod to a proposal allowing children below 14 years of age to work only in family enterprises or entertainment industry with certain conditions while completely banning their employment else...

What Can You Do To Stop Child Labour?

Child labour in housing societies is not unusual. In fact, as per the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) report, more than 40% of domestic help in Mumbai (more popularly known as City of Dreams) are under-15 girls. As a co-founder and com...

Documentary On Child Labour In India

GO FOR THE GOAL : END CHILD LABOUR. The presence of a large number of child labourers is regarded as a serious issue in terms of economic welfare.

Kailash Satyarthi: The Sustainable Elimination Of Child Labour A Global Challenge

Listen to Nobel peace prize laureate, Kailash Satyarthi, deliver a powerful speech about how to sustainably eliminate child labour, The speech was given at t...

Save The Children - Why Should I Care

-13,40,000 children below 5 die in a year, that is 3671 under 5 child deaths per day -Nearly half of all child deaths under 5 in India are attributed to undernutrition -1 in every 11 children in India is working, when they should be at school -Mor...

National Legislation And Policies Against Child Labour In India

The Constitution of India (26 January 1950), through various articles enshrined in the Fundamental Rights and the Directive Principles of State Policy lays down that: -No child below the age of 14 years shall be employed to work in any factory or...

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Child Labour In India

All about child labour and it's causes.