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Child Development

Dr Nandini Mundkur


Child Development: What Parents Need To Know - Parentcircle

A child’s development is a complex process that involves the synergy of social, emotional, physical and cognitive skills. However, parents and teachers have a big part to play as well. While each of these skills plays a significant role in a chil...

Children’S Personality Development: The 5 Stages - Parentcircle

While the development of personality is a gradual process, its foundations are laid during the first five years of life. Read on to know more about this interesting process. The baby’s brain at birth is one-fourth the size of an average adult bra...

Child Development And Children - Parentcircle

Toddlers make huge strides in development ranging from recognising people to running about and playing with friends. Here's a look at the milestones achieved in the first few years A child’s development is a complex process that involves the syne...

Child Development And Parenting: Early Childhood

Of great concern with regard to our children is whether or not they are getting enough quality sleep. It’s a significant question in an age where both parents are... Read More Each year a certain number of children feel anxious or depressed about...

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