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‘Empathy is seeing with the eyes of another, hearing with the heart of another and feeling with the heart of another.’ – Alfred Adler

Your little darling’s ability to empathise will cause her to make extraordinary impacts around her. So, how do we develop empathy in our children? Do we share disturbing and tragic pieces of news with them to make them understand the ugly side of life? Or, do we shelter them from such news. Of course, news involving tragedy and crisis can be quite upsetting even for adults. But, being a responsible parent means you cannot hide the truth from your children. You need to create awareness among them on issues such as apartheid, war, subjugation, terrorism and refugees. You should also teach your children the importance of choosing peace over violence and introduce Gandhi’s teachings to them.

Martin Luther King is another person whose teachings will help make a peacemaker out of your child and teach him empathy. When his house was burned down, endangering his wife and infant, Luther exhibited utmost calmness and control under extreme pressure during very violent times for the black people. ‘He spoke to them of love and forgiveness. “I want you to love our enemies,” he told them, “Be good to them. Love them and let them know that you love them”,’ says The Peace Blog.

You can also look into personalities like Bertha Von Suttner, Florence Nightingale, Nelson Mandela, Emperor Asoka and Buddha. You can also introduce them to Tegla Loroupe, Fambul Tok and the apartheid. They are great for discussions on peace and justice.

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Empathy In Action

“How do children learn to care enough about others that they reap the personal rewards associated with giving? When young people develop empathy, they not only thrive in school and life, but they also impact their communities in positive, often ex...

How To Talk To Your Kids About The Refugee Crisis?

Even if your kids haven’t seen any of the heartbreaking photos of refugees that are dominating the news, they may have heard about the crisis. Across the globe, in Europe, Africa and the U.S., people who have left their homes by force or out of de...

"Teaching Peace Creates Peace"

Earlier this year, I walked into the university classroom where I teach a course in Peace Studies. Seated in a circle around the room were seniors just shy of graduating. They would soon become doctors, social workers, teachers, community organize...

Writing For Peace: ‘Peace’ By Poorva Inamdar

Peace is the only battle worth waging. ’ This saying by Albert Camus is true indeed! Peace cannot be fought for; it can be created, developed and secured in the hearts of the world’s millions!

Champions Of Peace

Champions of Peace is a blog spot which features profiles, life-stories and anecdotes from the lives of women and men who worked for peace. The idea behind this is that the heroic role models children learn about should include those whose heroism...

Tegla Loroupe: No Friction, Please!

When Tegla Loroupe runs, it is as if she propels forward, with zero friction to the ground. A concept she believes in wholeheartedly not just for the marathons she runs, but for communities in conflict as well.

Bertha Von Suttner

The noblewoman who made possible the Nobel Peace Prize!But how did the Nobel Peace Prize come into being? There’s an interesting story behind it, with a strong woman peacemaker enabling this glorious prize to come into existence: Bertha Von Suttner.

Fambul Tok

It can be difficult to forge peace with your best friend if he hurts you and kills your father. But that is exactly what Sahr did: forgave his friend Nyumah, in an attempt to restore their friendship.

The Martin Luther King Lesson

“I had spoken hastily and resentfully. Yet I knew that this was no way to solve a problem. ‘You must not harbour anger,’ I admonished myself. ‘You must be willing to suffer the anger of the opponent, and yet not return anger. You must not become b...

"Lady With The Lamp"

We know of Florence Nightingale as the ‘Lady with the Lamp’, and imagine her feminine figure walking among wounded soldiers. Did you know that she was also one of the brightest people of her time and that she was a sharp statistician and organizer...

Preah Maha Ghosananda's Peace Walk

More than 10 lakh kilometres walked. And more than 20,000 villagers touched by the message of peace. That is Preah Maha Ghosananda’s legacy. Add to that the fact that Ghosananda’s entire family, including his 16 siblings, was wiped out during the ...

Nelson Mandela: A Convert To Peace

Ever heard of a “troublemaker” transforming the landscape of a country, showing the way to the entire world? Well, that is the story of Nelson Mandela, the first Black president of South Africa. Well, that is the story of Nelson Mandela, the first...

From Peace To Prosperity: Emperor Asoka

Ask anyone what they know about Emperor Asoka, and this is likely what they will come up with: He became a peaceful king after the Kalinga War and he planted trees all along roads.Those two facts, seemingly unconnected, describe the life of Empero...

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