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Celebrating Janmashtami

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Are you gearing up to celebrate Krishna Janmashtami with much fanfare? From decorating the house to dressing up your little ones as Radha or Krishna, Janmashtami is one festival which spreads happiness and laughter all around. In fact, coming up with elaborate costumes for your little Krishna and Radha, will be a creative exercise. It will give you a good photo opportunity too.

To get the entire little Krishna and Radha looks perfect, you will need props like a crown, flute, pots and jhula for decoration. Even if most of the stuff is readily available in the market today, you could make these props yourself. If you have older kids, involve them in making the art and craft required. They will enjoy it. You can also engage your children in fun Janmashtami activities

But if this is a time of stress and you feel overwhelmed with all the preparations for the festival, don’t worry, we have you covered.

Go through the pages of the ClipBook for a step-by-step guide to help you with all the decorations and ideas you need for Janmashtami.


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