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Celebrating Indian Festivals With Your Child



Celebrating Festivals The Right Way With Your Kids

In a world where intolerance and religious disputes are rife, teaching children about other cultures and their festivals can help build a more peaceful world. This will only hold true, however, if we bring the depth of understanding to the rituals...

Why We Celebrate Festivals

If the deeper meaning and importance of each festival is not explained to the child, he or she will grow up not knowing the true meaning and follow tradition blindly. The kids should be made aware of the significance of festivals in India and trad...

The Importance Of Indian Festivals

Sadhguru, Indian yogi and New York Times bestselling author, explains the importance of festivals in Indian culture, and how celebration can be a passageway to the most profound aspects of life. Further down is a list of articles about various fes...

Ways To Keep The Children Involved During Festivals

The Indian festive season is on a roll and there is absolutely no doubt that we need to keep our kids busy during these festivals and, most importantly, enjoy these festivals. Today, festivals are restricted to holidays and long weekends away from...

Tips To Celebrate Festivals With Your Children

If you are one of those parents, for whom time is a precious commodity, then festivals bring more heartburn, as your kids expect you to do something extra-special for the occasion. Here are some tips to celebrate festivals with your children.

Important Festivals Of India Your Child Should Know

The Indian festivals are characterized by gaiety, color, prayers, rituals, and enthusiasm. So, teach your little one more about Indian festivals with this article. Momjunction has compiled a list of 15 important festivals of India that every child...

Children's Books On Indian Culture And Festivals

Here is a list of 30 favorite children's books that teach children about Indian culture, festivals and language.

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