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Cbse Class 12 Economics Sample Question Papers

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As the CBSE Board exam for class 12 is approaching, ParentCircle brings to you the CBSE sample papers and marking schemes for Class 12 Economics for the last three years in this ClipBook!

The CBSE sample papers provided here, serve as an important study resource for all students who will be appearing in the exams. The sample papers are created as per the latest CBSE syllabus and curriculum, keeping in mind the latest marking schemes. This would help the students prepare for a hassle-free examination.

Marking Scheme: 

There are 20 questions which are of 1 mark and 4 questions with 3 marks each, 4 questions with 6 marks. Total number of questions are 34. The total marks for the paper is 80. The question paper has two units.

Unit 1: Introductory Macroeconomics - 40 marks

Unit 2: Indian Economic Development - 40 marks

Do go through these sample papers to be better prepared for the exams.

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