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Transition To Solid Food - Feeding Guide

As I have mentioned in my previous blog (No to Soild Food before 6 Months) transition to solid foods are appropriate after 6 months of age. I have tried to address some of the common questions families ask me about how to introduce solid foods.

What To Look For In A Crèche For A Young Infant And Toddlers

The family fabric in India has undergone a sea of change especially in the middle class urban society. There are more and more working women and no longer the luxury of having grandparents to look after the infant and toddlers are available. There...

Story Of Ajay In A Day Care Centre

Ajay was a year and 6 months old was taken to a day care centre as his mom had to go back to work. His mother spoke to a lady in charge and left.

Playing With Babies And Toddlers

Babies and toddlers love to play with their parents and other care givers, brothers, sisters and grandparents and even the maid.

Help Your Child Get Ready To Read

Creative development and foundation for reading and writing starts with fun activities from as young as 6 months old child It involves supporting play with wide range of toys and other materials and providing opportunities and to sharing thoughts...

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