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Catch And Release : Cold Facts

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One of the most common health-related problems affecting your child in all seasons, and also during change of seasons, is cough and cold. Most of the time, the cold may be followed by fever, phlegm, chest congestion, nasal congestion, sneezing, body ache and fatigue. Sometimes, she may also be affected by tonsillitis, sinusitis or viral fever. If her chest congestion turns severe and is not treated on time, it may also develop into pneumonia.

According to WebMd, “They (children) spend time at school or in day care centers where they're in close contact with other kids most of the day. And to top it off, their young immune systems aren't yet strong enough to fight off colds.” Hence, you should take precautionary measures to protect your child from catching a cold. But in spite of your best efforts, if she gets one, give her proper medication and care.

Recurrent cold can affect your child’s overall health and lead to absenteeism in school. This can eventually lead to poor performance in not only academics but other extracurricular activities as well.

Dr Shilpa Aroskar, pediatrician, has mentioned on the website of Indian Academy of Pediatrics the kind of diet children need to follow to avoid recurrent cold. She suggests that a diet rich in vitamin C - which means inclusion of amla and citrus fruits - helps to prevent recurrent cold.

To know more about prevention of recurrent cold in children, flip through the pages of this ClipBook by our partner, The Parenting Place.

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