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Caring For Your Baby's Umbilical Stump



Umbilical Cord Stump Care

It is important you keep your baby’s umbilical cord stump and the skin around it clean and dry. This will facilitate the stump shrivelling and falling off, and also prevent infection. Read this article to know more about the umbilical cord and its...

Umbilical Cord Stump Infection: Symptoms And Prevention

The incidence of a newborn developing a umbilical cord infection is 1 in 200. Since it is a bacterial infection, it must not be taken lightly, and if you feel the area around the navel is tender and swollen with red color spread around, it may wel...

The Dos And Don'ts For Umbilical Stump Care

After giving birth, expect that your doctor will clamp and cut your baby's umbilical cord. After which, your newborn will have a 2cm to 3cm-long stump, which you need to keep clean until it falls off. So, to help you with your baby's care, here ar...

How Long Does It Take For A Newborn's Umbilical Cord Stump To Fall Off?

Most babies lose their umbilical cord stump in the first few weeks of life. The American Academy of Pediatrics says that the stump should shrivel up and fall off by the time a baby is 8 weeks old. If this does not happen, there may be an issue, an...

How To Care After The Umbilical Stump Falls Off

Keep your babies belly button clean and use just water during bath time for cleaning. After which you should dry it up with towel. It is also important to give your baby's wound plenty of air to prevent any infection. You really do not need alcoho...

How To Clean Baby's Belly Button

Stumped on how to keep your baby's belly button clean? Follow these steps on how to wash the baby's belly area before and after the umbilical cord falls off.t

5 Tips On Caring For Your Baby's Cord Stump

After the birth, your healthcare provider will cut the umbilical cord, ideally after the cord has stopped pulsating and your newborn will be left with a small purplish stump. The stump will eventually fall off, but you must be sure to look after i...

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