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Caring For Your Baby's Oral Health


When a baby’s teeth start arriving, at around the age of six months, parents should ensure that proper care is taken of them. Without a healthy set of teeth, the baby will have trouble chewing and speaking clearly. That’s why caring for your baby’s oral health is important.

According to an article titled Dental care for babies by Raising Children Network published in raisingchildren.net.au, in some children, teeth appear as early as three months while for most babies, teeth start coming out only between 6 and 10 months.

The article says the best way to clean your baby’s tiny teeth is by:

  • Placing your baby in a position where you can see his mouth, and in which he feels secure.
  • Cupping your baby’s chin in your hands, with his head resting against his body.
  • Cleaning his teeth with your fingers, using soft, circular motions.
  • Lifting his lips to brush the front and back of the teeth and at the gum line.

For brushing your baby’s teeth, babycenter.com suggests brushing twice a day, using a small amount of toothpaste. The quantity of the toothpaste should resemble a thin smear or a dot, the size of a grain. Brushing gently on the inside and outside of each of your baby’s teeth and tongue, and replacing the toothbrush as soon as the bristles start to look worn or splayed will give the best results.

Do you want to read more about how to care for your baby’s oral health? Please flip through the pages of this ClipBook that contains a collection of links providing information on the topic.


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