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Caring For Your Baby In Winter


Babies are born with extreme sensitivity, which makes caring for them a challenging task. If you had thought that those hot humid months of summer were hard, caring for your baby in winter is only harder. It becomes a bit more of a challenge during the winter season, as the cold and the rain can wreck havoc on your little one’s health and well being.

From your baby’s bath time and sleep time to when you are taking her out, everything has to be customised to suit the weather. Extra layers and extra care will be needed to prevent your baby from any serious seasonal illness. And the first important rule in winter care for your baby is comfortable clothes. “It is not so easy as it sounds. A woollen garment can feel too warm if you are over protective even in a mild winter. Being too much cautious can be uncomfortable. So, find the appropriate soft warm clothes with an eye on the weather. Obviously, if you live in a chilly are, you will need a woollen sweater. However, in urban places, a warm thick cotton cloth should do just fine,” instructs an article in

In addition to clothing, there various other ways which will keep your baby warm and dry: oil massages, hats and mittens, proper medications, warm flannel sheet etc. 

For more such tips on how to take care of your baby during winters and keep her away from sick people as diseases spread easily, skim through the pages of this ClipBook.


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