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Caring For A Premature Baby


Pregnancy is a beautiful phase in a woman’s life. The anticipation for the little one to arrive only grows with each passing day. A full-term pregnancy usually lasts between 37 and 40 weeks. However, sometimes women can find themselves going into labour too soon, say around week 20 of pregnancy. When this happens, the baby born is called a premature baby. The earlier a baby is born, more the risk of complications.

Premature babies require a lot of care and attention. According to an article published in mayoclinic, many premature babies can experience learning disabilities, developmental delays, behavioural, psychological or chronic health problems or motor deficits. The good news however is that most premature babies manage to experience normal healthy development as they grow up.

Keep in mind that your ‘preemie’ requires special care, and above all, your love and time. According to the article mentioned earlier, “Speak to your baby in loving tones and touch him or her often. Reading to your baby can help you feel closer to him or her. When your baby is ready, cradle him or her in your arms. Hold your baby under your robe or shirt to allow skin-to-skin contact. Learn to feed, change and soothe your preemie.”

Happy parenting!

To know more about caring for your premature baby, please read through the ClipBook. 


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