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Career In Graphic Design


Is your child always dabbling with sketches and paints, creating new designs and drawing eccentric images? Graphic designing might be the most suitable carer option for him!

An article in ehow.com says, “Careers in graphics design are abundant...Children who show an early interest in art might be encouraged to put their interest in the arts to use in a career field that will be both financially and creatively rewarding.” The article also goes onto advise parents to encourage children to pursue their artistic interests through helping them take up a graphic designing career.

The graphic designing career is wide and opportunistic, as there are several specialist graphic designing jobs you might not know of. An article in Rasmussen College’s website enumerates the following job opportunities in the field:

- Creative services manager

- Email marketing designer

- Information architect

- Mobile designer

- Presentation specialist and many more

Contrary to popular beliefs, there is so much more to graphic designing than just logos and layouts.

After realising the significance and scope of a designing career, there is a lot you can do to nurture the artistic skill of your child from a young age itself. You can begin with buying him art supplies and training him with tracing and designing exercises. Later, you can introduce him to age-appropriate graphics software and design tutorials.

To know more about graphic designing as a viable career opportunity for your child, flip through the pages of this ClipBook.


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