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Career In Archaeology


Archaeology is a fascinating field of study that has interested most of us at some point of time. The historical excavations, studying the remains, discovering beautiful places, and collecting information about what existed long time back, is what we all wish to know in one way or the other. Archaeology is also known to be one of the most popular forms of collecting information across the world. It is also a field that transcends over races, borders and cultures to let people explore different places that were inhabited by our ancestors, or different animal species, and played a crucial role in formation of Earth.

There is no age limit for getting into archaeology as it is the individual’s interest and passion for the field that drives him to explore and gain knowledge of what existed before us. Some key tips to be an archaeologist are to explore, read, watch, listen, talk, plan, train, volunteer and persevere. Life of an archaeologist is different from that of others; An archaeologist needs to travel a lot, work on the same project for years and make a breakthrough by extracting information that is unknown to the world, but is pivotal for our existence.

According to an article titled 'Ten top tips for getting into archaeology', published in archaeology.co.uk, “Archaeology offers tremendous opportunities for involvement, whether a lifelong interest alongside another career, or a career in itself. It is never too early or too late to become involved in archaeology, and archaeology transcends borders, cultures, languages and social and economic divisions. Anyone anywhere can become involved in archaeology if they wish, and the opportunities to become involved improve all the time.”

Thus, encourage your child to pursue a career in archaeology if he wishes to unmask the secrets of history and generate first-hand information in studying human evolution.

To know more about archaeology as a career option, please flip through the pages of the ClipBook below.


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