Car Seat Safety

Car Seat Safety: Avoid 10 Common Mistakes - Mayo Clinic

Our general interest e-newsletter keeps you up to date on a wide variety of health topics. Car seat safety is crucial for protecting your child during travel, but knowing how to safely buckle up your child as he or she grows can be difficult. Chec...

Parents Central | Keeping Kids Safe | Nhtsa

At NHTSA, we work to save lives on our Nation’s roadways. That includes doing everything we can to keep your children safe on the road. We’re leading the effort, but you’re the key to protecting your family. In this section, you’ll find informati...

Car Seat Safety For Kids | The Children's Hospital Of Philadelphia

Using a child safety seat or booster seat that's right for your child’s age and size can help prevent injuries and fatalities caused by car crashes. Find important tips, including educational videos, to keep your child safe in the car at any age.

Safety Tips

Engineers are working hard to ensure that cars and car seats are designed to keep kids as safe as possible. But it’s up to every parent to take full advantage of these innovations by making sure car seats and booster seats are used and installed c...

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Car Seat Safety

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