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Capturing Precious Moments Of Your Precious Child


“Photography is a way of feeling, of touching, of loving. What you have caught on film is captured forever… It remembers little things, long after you have forgotten everything.” — Aaron Siskind

We all want to freeze those precious moments with our kids. And the best way to preserve those magical moments is to capture it through a lens so that you can relive those moments later on.

The day your sweet pea comes to this world is no doubt one of the most special days of your life, but what about the day he first said mama or walks for the first time? First birthdays are yet another significant milestone for your child and you as a parent. 

Can you imagine how lovely it would be to share your child’s cake-smeared birthday photos with your friends and relatives? Or your newborn's adorable and blissful sleeping photo? You can make these moments more memorable by capturing each and every moment of your child’s growing up journey. Keep in mind that these bittersweet childhood days are never coming back. And time flies.

But looking for a photographer who understands your feelings and is ready to capture it as is, is not as easy as it seems.

Say hello to Tiny Toes Photography! Yes! Tiny Toes in Coimbatore, specialises in exactly that! They understand parents’ emotions and how they feel about their child and try to capture that special bond through their lenses. So, here is your chance to treasure different stages of your child's life, with Tiny Toes!

Flip through the pages of this ClipBook to witness the magic created with lenses and your child as the star attraction. We promise you would cherish these memories for years to come. Happy clicking!


Princess With Her Animal Army!

Do your eyes well up seeing your little munchkin in a sweet and cute pose like this? At Tiny Toes Photography, they know exactly what props would go well with which photograph. Founder of the establishment, Prasanna whose middle namei s 'photograo...

That Killer Smile!

Do you know that it takes hours of patience to get that perfect shot when it comes to baby and kid photography? At Tiny Toes, the team of expert photographers is quite adept at getting that killer smile out of their tiny clients.

Pretty In Lavender & Pink

Do you know that you need to trust your photographer completely with your baby to capture those priceless moments? Babies feel safe and comfortable in the calm and welcoming environs of Tiny Toes photography in Coimbatore. The wide variety of colo...

Your Cute Little Pumpkin Pie

Photographs like this could be one of your most treasured memories of your little tyke. This moment of bliss as he is sleeping peacefully would remain with you for years to come. At Tiny Toes, we believe in ensuring your baby is comfortable. We do...

Apple Of Your Eyes

It takes some talent to capture the emotions of love and the above picture by Tiny Toes does exactly that. And 15 years down the line when your little bambino is not so little anymore, you can revisit these touching photos and we guarantee you it ...

With You At Every Step Of The Journey

Like a loyal friend, Tiny Toes photography is with you at every important juncture of your life. They are professionals when it comes to baby, children, and family photography. From weddings to new motherhood, newborn to first birthday photoshoot ...

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