Cancer : The Saga Continues

5 Year Old Girl With Cancer Leaves Behind Unbelievable Messages

What you're about to see is one of the most incredible and special little girls who ever lived. At just 5 years old, she had cancer, but what her parents discovered after her passing is nothing short of amazing. Wow.

Survivorship: During And After Treatment

Once treatment is over, people who have had cancer often want to know what they can do to stay healthy. It's important to realize that people who have had cancer in the past can still have other health problems. Some may even develop other cancers...

Stories From Cancer Patients & Survivors

My care team has gone out of its way to provide the best care possible. My doctors took whatever time was needed to answer questions my wife and I had about my treatment and recovery.

The End

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Cancer : The Saga Continues

There is so much news about cancer spreading around the world. Here is a detailed study