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Can Watching T.v. Benefit Your Child?

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A child’s habit of watching TV is often criticised because it is thought that he will get addicted to TV programmes. But like the two sides of a coin, watching TV has both a good and bad side. Unlike previously, the modern-day TV programmes provide information along with entertainment, or infotainment. As a result, allowing your child to watch some good programmes on TV can confer psychological, social, emotional and educational benefits.

There are many channels like Discovery, The History Channel, and National Geography that telecast educational content for an audience of a wide age range. Children watching such channels learn a lot about things that are not a part of their school curriculum. As a result, they become more knowledgeable and smarter than their peers.

You can also allow your child to reap the benefits TV programmes offer. However, it is important that you choose programmes that are age-appropriate and educative. But how can you decide whether a programme is good for your child? You can evaluate a programme by asking yourself some questions like: Does this programme encourage creativity and imagination? How will it affect my child emotionally? How does this programme portray human values?

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