Can Nature Reduce Aggressive Behaviour ?

Living Near Nature May Reduce Aggressive Behaviour In Teenagers

Researchers from University of Southern California (USC) in the US conducted the first longitudinal study to see whether greenery surrounding the home could reduce aggressive behaviours in a group of adolescents living in urban communities. They f...

Worried About Aggressive Teen Kids? Living Near Nature May Help – Here’S How

New York: Adolescents living in neighbourhoods with more greenery may exhibit less aggressive behaviour, finds a new study. The findings showed that increasing greenery levels like parks, golf courses or fields, might lead to a 12 per cent decreas...

Living Near High Levels Of Greenery May Reduce Aggressive Behaviour In Teens

Previous research has already shown the important effect that our environment can have on our health. — Picture courtesy of Dave Yoder/National Geographic LOS ANGELES, June 30 — A new US study has found yet another health benefit of “green space,”...

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Can Nature Reduce Aggressive Behaviour ?

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Living near nature may reduce aggressive behaviour in teenagers