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Calm Parenting


Often, our children hassle us to the point that we lose our temper and punish them, only to regret it later. If you have experienced this situation as a parent, a few tips on calm parenting is what you need.

According to an article titled How to Be a Calm Parent published in, staying calm around kids who are troubling you no end is a task that requires effort and patience. The article lists some strategies to become a calm parent.

  • Sometimes, you need to take a break from the hectic duty of being a mother because some alone time will relax you and get you ready to face the challenges posed by your child.
  • When your child is driving you mad with his antics and you are getting angry, take a deep breath. This will calm you instantly and let you take stock of yourself.
  • Simplify your routine, for over-scheduling often leads to angry situations.
  • Take time to focus on all those things you wanted to do before you became a mother.
  • Give some space to your child.

This aside, there are various other things you can do to remain calm, such as, avoiding over-parenting, hugging your child and being a role model. also suggests exercising as one effective way towards being a calm parent. Parents can kickstart the day with a brisk early morning walk that is going to keep them refreshed and calm.

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