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Calcium In Your Child's Diet


Calcium is a pivotal nutrient that acts as a building block for strong and healthy bones in your child. It is an essential part of your child’s diet, and whatever might be her age, calcium is one nutrient that she cannot afford to skip.

When kids get enough calcium and physical activity during childhood and the teen years, they can start out their adult lives with the strongest bones possible. An article, 7 calcium rich foods for kids, states how it is crucial to get your child into the habit of eating calcium-rich foods as lack of calcium can interfere in bone mass development, which can interfere in growth.

On reading about calcium rich foods, did an image of plain milk in a glass flash through your mind? You probably were already wondering how to force your reluctant kid to drink a glass of milk every day, but what you need to know is that there are several other non-dairy products that are rich in calcium too. 

There are various possible ways to meet your child’s calcium needs, and to know more about the calcium rich foods available, read the curated articles in this interesting ClipBook.


Why Your Child Needs Calcium

During childhood and adolescence, the body uses the mineral calcium to build strong bones — a process that's all but complete by the end of the teen years. Bone calcium begins to decrease in young adulthood and progressive loss of bone occurs as w...

How Much Calcium Does Your Child Need?

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11 Calcium Rich Foods For Children

Include these high calcium foods to your babies and toddlers’ diet.

10 Easy Ways To Include Calcium In Your Child's Diet

Calcium is important to your child's health. Since bones grow during the childhood and teenage years, these are especially important times to give them the calcium they need. By eating and drinking calcium-rich foods and beverages, kids can build ...

14 Non-Dairy Foods That Are High In Calcium

If you don't eat dairy, you're not doomed to brittle bones. Fill up on these 14 calcium-rich foods that don't contain a drop of milk.

Calcium Facts

Calcium plays a very important role in many bodily functions. It helps build stronger, denser bones and keeps bones healthy later in life. Read below for more fun and interesting facts about the element calcium!

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