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Bullying Prevention: Top Tips For Teachers, Principals And Parents


Being bullied is one of the worst experiences a child can have in school. Bullying intimidates a child and, sometimes, leaves him emotionally changed forever. However, in spite of the various measures taken by schools and parents to curb bullying, it is still widely prevalent.

A survey was conducted by ParentCircle and IMRB in 2016. The survey covered 2700 respondents, and included children and parents from across the length and breadth of India. The survey found that every third child had been bullied in school.

With schools being a place where children from diverse sections of the society come together, it’s quite natural that incidents of bullying are higher there. In such a scenario, teachers, principals, students and parents need to be aware of the measures that could prevent bullying from happening. Preventing bullying is the best way to protect a child from its ill effects, rather than resorting to remedial measures after a child has been bullied.

Meri Wallace in her article, '7 Ways Schools Can Prevent Bullying', published in, lists a few very important steps that schools can take to check bullying. Some of these are help students learn how to identify bullying, set up a system to report bullying, and create awareness about bullying.

Bullying has existed in schools since a very long time, but by implementing measures to prevent it from happening, we can make schools a safer place.

To know more about how to prevent bullying, flip through the pages of this ClipBook.


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