Bright Kids Presents 'the Jungle Book'

Why Music Education Rocks!

For children, music provides many, many benefits. Experts agree, there are lots of good things about letting your child learn to play an instrument. Here are 10 reasons why your child should put down the remote and pick up a musical instrument.

Importance Of Storytelling For Children

Story telling is an art that has mental, social and educational benefits on children. People of all ages love stories. Children are great fans of stories and love to listen to them. It is becoming a lost art today as many parents find very little ...

The Benefits Of Drama

Drama helps with a child's development in many ways. Here are 10 benefits of a Pyjama Drama class. Even the shyest of children take just a few weeks to gently build up their self esteem until before long they are confident to take a full and activ...

Learn A Great New Dance For Your Kids

Benjamin Allen is a dancer and a choreographer, working as a professional in Los Angeles for nearly a decade. Today, he has something special to share with all our loyal Perezitos readers: an EXCLUSIVE dance routine for you and your kids!

Top 5 Actually Proven Health Benefits Of Reading Every Day

Top 5 Actually Proven Health Benefits of Reading Every Day you really need to know today but probably don't...

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Bright Kids Presents 'the Jungle Book'

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