Bread We Eat Can Cause Cancer

Bread You Eat Can Cause Cancer; Health Ministry Orders Probe

New Delhi: The Centre for Science and Environment on Monday came up with an alarming study confirming the presence of cancerous chemicals in 84 per cent of 38 widely-consumed brands of pre-packaged breads, including pizzas, buns and paos, as they ...

News Point: Latest Cse Report Says That Bread Contains Cancer Causing Compounds

According to the latest report by the Centre of Science and Environment, bread based food products in India contain cancer causing elements banned by several...

Studies Reveals Indian Bread Contains 2 Cancer Causing Chemicals

A recent study has found that bread as well as bakery samples collected from national capital alone contain elements that causes cancer. The study conducted ...

Fast Food Outlets Are Serving Poisonous Bread, Says Report | Oneindia News

CSE’s new study that tested some of the bread sold in Delhi has found residues of Potassium Bromate and Iodate in commonly consumed varieties. The PML tested...

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Bread We Eat Can Cause Cancer

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Bread we eat can cause cancer