Boys Can Cry And Girls Can Shout

Boys Can Cry, Too

Let's settle something once and for all: Boys are allowed to have feelings, too. I know you are uncomfortable with a boy who cries. I know you cringe to see a sad boy walking. I know you can't stand to see a man barely able to crawl from his bed b...

Why It’S Good To Let Boys Cry

A sad thing happened at my son’s baseball game a few weeks ago. Picture this: A 13-year-old boy strikes out at bat. As he walks off the field you can tell by his drooping posture that he is upset. From my metal seat in the bleachers, my heart ache...

Boys Don't Cry? This Video Will Change The Way You Look At Boys And Girls Forever

We’ve talked about gender policing earlier, and we believe that it’s a topic worth discussing over and over until everyone (specially parents) understands and acknowledges the issue. Gender policing is imposing a specific gender expression on an ...

7 Ways You're Hurting Your Daughter's Future

Telling your daughter she's a princess who looks pretty in pink and should be quiet and ladylike could have some serious implications for her future salary. Are you doing one of these things?

Not Only Can Big Boys Cry, They Do | Teaching Tolerance

I decided to show a short You Tube video clip in class the other day. It’s a montage of scenes of men crying from various movies complete with cheesy background music, a song . I used it to open a discussion about how stereotypes put unnecessary l...

Boys Who Cry Might Have It All Figured Out

When sad, too many boys repress it and too many girls dwell on it.All of these can either lead to an increase in suicide rates or to an increase in depression cases respectively

Why Guys Should Have No Problem Crying Their Macho Eyes Out

You’re a guy. You NEVER get sad. At least, that’s what we’re supposed to think. Most men refuse to let others see our tears, because we assume it’s a sign of weakness and our enemies will use it to destroy us and everything we love. Sound about ri...

Why Is It So Hard For Men To Cry?

Many parents raise their sons to cry privately, if at all. It is ingrained in many men that masculine identity means holding back the tears except during times of extreme grief. Although women have also accepted this view, more women are voicing t...

4 Reasons Never To Tell Your Daughters To Be ‘Ladylike’

Terms like "ladylike" are in line with equally absurd terms like "acting Black" that lump behavior onto a particular group of people in an effort to reinforce dominant society’s assertion of what is considered desirable and acceptable social proto...

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Boys Can Cry And Girls Can Shout

Anupama AnandAnupama Anand
Without any gender bias children need to express their emotions for a healthy and wholesome emotional quotient.